Nothing Beats A Walk

One of the main reasons why I need new shoes is not simply because I want to maintain my stylish edge when I am on the streets, but I also need some to replace my old sneakers I use for my daily walks. I try very hard to stay as healthy and fit as possible, and I have found over the years that walking is one of my favorite forms of exercise and it is actually the only one that keeps my interest. With other forms of exercises, I get bored and am always inclined to quit and not work out at all, which is what I absolutely do not want! Now that I have fully embraced walking and all the benefits that come with it, there’s no looking back for me.


The benefits of walking cannot be denied and although there are other sports and aerobic activities that are trending these days, the fact is that walking has always been around, is free, and is quite effective at reducing weight and elevating heart health. There are even more benefits to walking than most people realize, however, and here are just a few reasons on why you should begin, or continue, walking for health.


Walking sharpens the mind.


The majority of people assume that walking is simply for improving your aerobic levels of fitness, but studies indicate that walking decreases the likelihood of getting dementia as we age, as well as other brain disorders that older people typically face. In fact, some research has shown that walking can even reverse the aging effect over time. One study even showed that people who followed the exercise guidelines that have been set up by the AHA (American Heart Association) can dramatically reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease later in life. You can incorporate mind-enhancing games while walking that can boost your brain matter during a workout.


Walking strengthens the bones.


Walking can not only strengthen bones but can also significantly reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis later in life. Studies indicate that women that walked 4 hours a week saw a 40 reduction in hip fractures compares to women that did not walk. There are other forms of exercise that are more rigorous, but they also tend to be more likely to cause bone and joint pain, while walking is more low-impact and less likely to affect the joints negatively.


Walking boosts your mood.


I have found that when I am feeling particularly in a bad mood, taking a leisurely stroll can go a long way towards making me feel better again as it reduces my stress levels considerably. Studies have shown that walking outside in nature is even more effective at producing happy feelings and increasing serotonin levels. You may even be able to place the brain in a meditative state for even more profound mental boosts.


Walking enhances circulation.


Of course, we all know that regular aerobic activity is advised by doctors, and there is no exercise like walking to enhance the circulation of your heart, while simultaneously reducing blood pressure and the risk of stroke. It doesn’t even take that much walking to get the benefits either as research has shown that just 30 minutes a day is enough to aid heart health.



It reduces the risk of falling and tripping.


As we age, we tend to become more likely to fall and trip as our joints and sense of balance become more compromised. Weak muscles and balance loss can affect your gait and increase the likelihood that you fall and hurt yourself. Walking daily helps strengthen your muscles by emphasizing movements of feet towards shins, referred to also as dorsiflexion.


Walking bolsters memory.


Like many people out there, I am always forgetting things, and I have a bunch of theories about that, but what I do know now is that walking has been shown to aid in boosting the ability to retain information and prevent memory loss. Walking regularly appears to activate the hippocampus, which aids in verbal learning and memory. Studies have shown that women over the age of 65 that walk regularly are able to retain information quicker and faster than those who did not participate in an aerobic activity.


All Walked Out

The time has finally come to replace my walking shoes now that the tread has all but disappeared from the soles of my old pair. I’ve had them for years and they have served me well, but I have actually been looking to invest in a new pair that I can not only walk in but look great in. Of course, the marketplace is teeming with walking shoes for men, and there are a lot of companies out there that make truly exceptional shoes.

One of the main reason to invest in a great pair of walking shoes is that you enjoy a lesser chance of hurting your toes while exercising. If you are a hiker or avid walker as I am, you already know that a great pair of shoes means better posture, less strain on ligaments, and a general better sense of comfort when walking. There are sites like that always has the latest information on brands and their new releases. Still not quite satisfied with my searches, I turned to for even more reviews from previous buyers. For those of us that like to go off-road and on to the unbeaten paths like forest pathways and rougher terrain, having a great pair of walking shoes you can rely on can truly help reduce calluses on your feet and spare you that additional pain.

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It really doesn’t matter whether your overall look is casual or more for off-road, there is a wide range of options to consider in footwear when it comes to walking shoes and you can stay within your budget and still have access to great shoes that are made of rubber and leather, or even breathable mesh. The following are just a few examples of men’s walking shoes I believe will work for just about any serious walker.

Skechers Afterburn Walking Shoes for Men

This sneaker is a lace-up style that boasts padded collars, cushioned mesh tongues, and are among the best-rated walking shoes for men around. You are guaranteed optimal comfort, protection for the feet, and more, everything you need when walking long distances. Complete with a rubber sole and a textile finish, these Skechers are stylish and comfortable enough for me to wear both off-road and on the beaten path.





Dr. Comfort Endurance Men’s Walking Shoe

As one of the leaders in the manufacturing of great shoes for men, Dr. Comfort released their Endurance series to wild applause, a shoe that is made of both mesh and leather for durability as well as breathability. The mesh provides ventilation that keeps your feet dry and cool, plus it comes with additional padding for even more comfort. You also won’t have to worry about foot odor from excessive sweating with these walking shoes, making them ideal for long walking treks. And, true to their name, wearers get more ankle support and are less susceptible to bending or twisting as the ankle is also protected.

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The Velcro straps protect wearers against tripping or snags and the shoes are so lightweight and affordable that you can add them to your collection without worry about breaking your budget. With each purchase, you receive gel inserts that increase the amount of luxury in these shoes tremendously, and although these are on the higher end in price, they are top quality and will last you across several seasons.



Rockport Barecove Park Walking Shoe

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For those searching for a tough, resilient shoe that can handle any type of terrain, Rockport’s Barecove Park walking shoe definitely makes the cut. The shoes are made of water-resistant leather that is a breeze to clean, plus they come with ventilation areas that allow feet to stay cool and breathe during warmer temperatures outdoors. The polyurethane cushioning in the midsole equals a more comfortable fit, and the shock absorbing cushion assures that feet are safe from hard collisions on or off path trails.

The insoles are removable and boost memory foam so that the shoe contour to your feet with each use. You also don’t have to worry about your feet smelling thanks to the fabric lining that is antimicrobial. Best of all is that these shoes, which are available in three great colors, can be worn with most outfits for an understated, yet classy look.


Go See the World Already!

It is my personal belief that more people should travel abroad, and I know that my experiences overseas did a world of good in helping me to see the world in a new light. It doesn’t matter where you may live or even your age, there is no time like now to just stop everything you are presently doing and go overseas. If getting out of the country is not inspiring enough, there are even more reasons and benefits to get out and see the world already!



You will be forced to get out of your normal routine and comfort zone.


There are foods from all over the world waiting to be tasted. Stand outside your comfort zone for a change and immerse yourself into another culture. Go to a country where no one speaks English. You will have some of the most amazing experiences when you think and act outside the box. Be an explorer and get off the beaten path when you are traveling. If you have always wanted to see a certain cathedral, then this is the opportunity to do so. Maybe you have always wanted to scale a mountain but were intimidated before. This is your chance to get over the fear and conquer it once and for all. Seeing the world and experiencing new things will reveal more about who you are to yourself.


Let go and learn to be an independent individual.


There are so many people that have never gone out and had truly solo trips, which for some people can be a terrifying situation. If you have always had someone by your side, a solo trip to another country will teach you many things, including how to think on the spot and be creative in a pinch. Besides that, it is empowering to make things happen for yourself – by yourself – and it builds confidence that stays with you for a lifetime. When there’s only you to worry about, your freedom of movement knows no bounds and a walk into town can totally change the course of your day.




Let go of material possessions.


Just one trip abroad can open your eyes about material possessions, money, and what is true worth is in the world. Traveling overseas will open you up to a new perspective on what money can and cannot do. You will learn how to budget money for your journey as you explore new cities.


Go learn a new language.


If you truly want to master a language, there is no better way to do so than by going to the source. Immersion can cement what you already know for a truly unique learning experience that is a great way to learn a new language. Being placed in a rural setting anywhere in a foreign country is the easiest way to reach fluency in a foreign tongue.


Go meet people that are nothing like you’ve ever known.


Even if you reside in metropolitan cities like New York or Chicago, there are still cities around the world that offer their own version of a melting pot that cannot be seen anywhere else. Once you are on the road, you will meet people vastly different than yourself, yet you may share common ideals that bond you. I find that staying in hostels is one of the best ways to meet new people from all over the world.